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Kate Leopold



A prolific songwriter, seasoned performer and teacher that gets results.


Kate is the front person for award winning Gold Coast premier grassroots "experimental acoustic folk" band 'Leopold's Treat'.


Provides holistic vocal coaching which combines technique with identifying and overcoming underlying personal limitations or obstacles to singing.

Kate takes a gentle approach to developing a powerful natural and unique voice which emanates from the heart with ease.


Special attention is given to familiarising with the basics of anatomy and physiology for:

- optimal alignment and breathing,

- connecting the voice with the breath and

- developing self awareness for greater control and ease of flow


Beginner, intermediate, advanced - from bedroom singers to stage performers.


   Techniques can be applied to a range of vocal styles including folk, pop, contemporary, blues/rock, jazz.


   Techniques include:

- goal setting and mindset

- vocal warm ups

- finding tone and singing on pitch

-developing your natural voice

-expanding range, agility and dynamics


-Performance mindset and stage presence


-Use of microphone


Songwriting, Performance, Recording.

Guitar lessons for beginner to intermediate level.

“I’m continually inspired through working with amazing people like Dave and Kieran and feel motivated to lead our band on this musical path as the next steps unfold.”

“I would also love to encourage and inspire other people to find their voice and do what makes them happy.”

Kate Leopold.

Excerpt Gold Coast Music Awards.

" it's all about having your needs met! "

           Does this sound like YOU...?  


"l only want to learn the songs l like"

"l already play a musical instrument but want to learn how to sing or improve my singing"


l write lyrics and would like to learn about songwriting theory"


"l can sing or l feel l have a bit of a voice and would like to boost my confidence to sing in front of people"


"l have had singing lessons in the past but still had problems singing in pitch"


"l really want to increase my vocal range and power"


"l don't want to sound generic but rather focus on finding my own true voice.

           WHAT  WILL l LEARN?


Just some of the things you will learn are:


Finding your centre


Exercises for strengthening and toning.


Improve agility and pitch.

Developing a warmup practice         



Performance coaching

Individual approach varies depending on problems faced, personal goals and number of sessions.

" There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be ".

- John Lennon.

Kates  experience is diverse -  As a Teacher, Live Performer and Recording  Musician.


Reasonable rates.

Premium singing lessons 100% customised to your taste.

Convenient location and parking.

Dedicated sound proofed and Air conditioned studios.

A relaxed and supportive environment to nurture your voice and bring out your inner singer.

Registered Blue Card holder.


"What a joy it was to write this Testimonial - Kates ability to bring out my shine is other-worldly. Connecting with my voice has been a long journey and it wasnt until i began working with Kate that I felt I could truely express myself in an authentic, unrestricted way. Kates energy feels like a warm fire place on a winters night, enveloping you in support, encouragement and unweavered love.


Kates group workshops and private sessions are expertly pieced together to gently open you up and build that inner confidence while gaining the skills required to take you voice to the next level. I highly recommend this talented artist to anyone who is seeking to connect with themselves and their voice." - Sharnee.

"From the moment I walked into Kate's space (albeit a little late) I felt that she took her role as guide very seriously.  She asked me several well-thought out questions to help me understand exactly what I truly craved to work on, in regards to my musical development... things I hadn't even considered prior to our session.  It really helped me hone in on how to get the best results from my investment. 


Kate has a natural ability to make me feel comfortable and I always feel like she is paying attention to every word I say, and even the subtle emotions that might be evident in my voice or body, like self-judgement for example.  That alone is a quality that helps me relax vocally and just allow myself to let go of any  self-judgement so my voice can flow naturally with her gentle and wise guidance.  I can highly recommend placing your trust in Kate to elevate your guitaring or voice to the next level." - Linda


Fear commitment? No problem. Take advantage of the limited number of free trial lessons offered. 

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This is a great place to learn how to Sing!

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